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We offer a wide range of bespoke Business Services for new and established businesses

Business Services

We offer a wide range of bespoke Business Services for new and established businesses, including Business Plans, Business Systems and Procedures, Business Start-up. Select below for more information...

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We offer a wide range of bespoke Business Services for new and established businesses. Through our OQForms division, OperaQuest offers a fully customisable solution to remove issues with collecting and analysing distributed/mobile Data and gives our Clients an easy, flexible and secure data capture system that can be fully integrated with your company's KPI’s.

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Data Management

Data Protection (EU-GDPR) Act 2018

The Data Protection Act 2018 incorporating the EU-GDPR has been in place since 25th May 2018. With the new expanded definitions of what constitutes Personally Identifiable Information, and detailed procedural requirements, Applicable to ALL businesses, regardless of size, OperaQuest can provide help, advice and guidance to ensure compliance through our Recognised Data Protection Practitioner. Organisations amass data on employees and customers to provide services; manage and plan business activities; and even as a source for marketing new products and services. EU-GDPR demands rigorous procedures are in place to manage, monitor and protect the Personally Identifiable Information. Penalties are severe (up to €10/20M or 2/4% of global turnover) and will be imposed for breaches (accidental or deliberate) and / or failure to implement suitable and appropriate procedures. Management of security and access levels are key in recognising that employees and customers (Data Subjects) have rights enshrined in Law that have to be observed and complied with within defined timescales or the organisation will be penalised.

Management Development & Training

For the organisation to continue, it must recognise and develop its core asset – People. Select below for information about our Management Development & Training and Human Resource Training services... 

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Project Management

A specialist service that ensures projects are monitored and delivered within the scope of the original Project Specification. In view of the nature of the involvement, charges will be separate to the Fee scales, and dependent upon variables that will be determined and agreed within the Terms of Reference.

Licensing Law Training

Preparation for the mandatory examination set by the BIIAB to qualify for the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders — required by all who wish to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol throughout England and Wales.

Project Management Training

For individuals and/or teams that have Project Management responsibilities, OQConsultancy can provide bespoke training in the approved (Project Management Body of Knowledge) principles and methodology. Further training can be provided in the use of commonly available professional software.

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