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Redesigned Client Portal goes Live

Redesigned Client Portal goes Live - blog post image

We’re pleased to announce that our client portal website facelift is now live,


Why Change The Design?

Our original platform backend had not changed substantially in terms of the overall look and feel for over 4 years.
Its a design that has served us really well, but over the years various limitations and accumulated patches have taken their toll.

We wanted to freshen the backend and provide a modern style with more “room to breathe” in the layout. The design is also more responsive in nature and lays the groundwork for a better fit across tablet and desktop device form factors in the future.

What Has Changed?

All backend web pages have been converted to use the well known Bootstrap 3 framework. We chose Bootstrap because its among the most widely used web frameworks, and has a wealth of supporting plugins along with solid cross-browser support.

Along with the move to Bootstrap, we have moved the key styling aspects of the platform to use LESS variables.
This means that it is now much easier to style and skin the platform with alternative colour schemes, fonts etc than it was in the past – this is a big win for our Website as a Service customers.


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