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Management Development and Training

Management Development and Training

For the organisation to continue, it must recognise and develop its core asset – People

Management Development & Training

A bespoke programme to develop individuals with potential to progress through the organisation. Topics can include:

  • Leadership – Team, Middle Management
    • Develop essential leadership skills
    • Manage change
    • Develop skills in business processes to improve organisation’s effectiveness
    • Customer skills
    • Negotiation techniques
  • Communication, Presentations
    • Communication – the art of understanding
    • Barriers to listening
    • Presentation techniques, software
  • Statistical Analysis, presenting data for effective decisions
    • Surveys & Data sets
    • Trend analyses
  • Specialised ‘Hospitality Sector’ skills:
    • Raw cost analysis – identify the REAL cost of services
    • Purchasing – review volumes, suppliers
    • Personal Licence Holder (Licensing Law on Alcohol Sales)
      • Requirement in England & Wales for those who sell/authorise the sale of alcohol to hold a recognised qualification in order to be granted their Personal Licence. Base on real-life experiences, we provide the training in preparation for the external examination

Through Business Partnerships, some of the training can lead to internationally recognised accredited qualifications

Human Resource Planning

Based on a skills audit, a review of current and projected operational requirements to ensure business continuity.

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